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" Poor absorption among Americans - especially those under stress, those eating poorly, and senior citizens - has become an enormous problem. When the human body cannot absorb nutrients properly, and when the food themselves are of questionable nutritional value, the body is severely compromised as a self-healing organism." -Todd Ovokaitys, M. D."

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D.W., Iowa: I have low blood sugar and since I started drinking the Willard Water, my hypoglycemic attacks have been less and less. I could say they are pretty much gone.




60 MINUTES: Reasoner: Whatever Willard Water is, we set out to visit some folks around Rapid City who talk about what it has done for them. On burns for example, producer Paul Loewenwarter talked with Chauncey Taylor who scorched his leg doing some welding on an old oil drum.

Chauncey: The fumes in it. I guess, ignited and blowed out a hole and melted my overalls. I had a pair of poly...polyester overalls on and it melted them and melted my shirt and burnt my leg.

Paul: So you looked down a just saw your leg charred?

Chauncey: I looked down and the skin was just hanging all different ways there.

Paul: Well what did you do to treat it?

Chauncey: Oh, I had a bottle of this LA Water and I just started squirting it on there and just kept pouring it on, a fine mist.

Paul: And what does it do?

Chauncey: It heals it I guess.

Dr. Ray Lemley: And I said now look, let’s try this out.

Reasoner: Dr. Ray Lemley is a prominent surgeon, now retired, but still Chauncey Taylor’s family doctor. He told Chauncey to deep spraying the burn with Willard Water. We wondered what the normal treatment would have been.

Lemley: Well you’d put different kinds of medicine on it. There’s all kinds of medicine for burns. Any housewife has a dozen and that would kill off the new cells and damage the wound. It would be too strong, usually, and burn it and interfere with the healing of it. This, we did nothing to interfere with the healing of it.

Reasoner: Would the normal procedure be to graft?

Lemley: Well, if you took him to the hospital they would have probably grafted that by this time and by the time that he gets the scabs off of this and its all healed up, your place you took your graft off from it would still be raw. So we’re way ahead.

Chauncey: Well, it’s all healed up.

Reasoner: Dr. Lemley does not just recommend Willard Water for others. Several times a day he guzzles the stuff which, incidentally, tastes just like water.

Reasoner: Doc Willard developed the water as a cleaner. But be learned it could treat burns when he burned his own arm on a hot plate, years ago, dowsed it with his water, the sting disappeared, the burn healed. As a cleaner, he heats up some of the water and soaks an engine piston in it that’s coated with carbon and the burnt on carbon comes off easily with a rag. Normally that’s done only with a lot of scrubbing that can damage the piston or with harsh solvents that can be dangerous.

Doc Willard: This we can take a bath in it or drink it, if it wasn’t so hot.

Mrs.J.H., California: “ I seared my hand on a roaster in the oven. I sprayed it and I was shocked because the pain went away immediately but it came back in 5 seconds so I sprayed it again and kept spraying it and I didn’t even have a blister in the morning.”

Mrs. B., California: “I’ve had people get sunburned and I spray half the their bodies and they can’t believe how much cooler the half that I sprayed was.

I burned myself on an electric curling iron. And I squirted myself with the water 3 different times and the pain completely went away with no scarring or no nothing. The stuff is wonderful.”

B.G., Michigan: “I have a friend that was burned very badly with scalding water. She was canning and a can broke and it went all down her front you know and her stomach was just burned terribly and I had given her some and she called me and I told her, “well put it on” until I can come over and she just kept spraying it and spraying it on there and she didn’t have to go to the hospital. She tells me even today why she said “I would have gone to the hospital, I know, if I wouldn’t have had that. It healed it.”

Mrs. V.Z., South Carolina: “I just don’t want to be without the gel. Not too long ago I burned my face real bad and I had a tube of the gel. I had heated a cup of water in the microwave and when I got it up to my lips, it exploded in my face. The doctor said it was 2nd degree burns. I right away smeared the gel all over my face and you know it didn’t even pain. It was very hot but not burning. I misted the water on my face for a few hours and then felt the heat leave. It wasn’t hurting and it hadn’t blistered. A few days later I had a small blister in the wrinkle of my chin. Now my face looked terrible. It was swelled. It looked like the worst Cabbage Patch doll you ever saw. It was very swelled and very tight. It gradually got better. In a week, there was still a little skin peeled off. But you can’t tell there was anything wrong with my face now. There was no scarring.

The gel will hold moisture in my face.”

Mrs. A.H., Nebraska: “I had a terrific sunburn, and used it and got a super tan with hardly any pain. My skin is fair, too! I especially like it because it is not scented, like the Aqua-Gel (earlier, quite similar, product) was. My husband really likes it to take out infection. He is a farmer and really puts it to the test. Please send my half case of your Gel-Loe. Thank you and may the Lord Jesus bless your business.”

Miss C.G., Texas: “Thanks for selling such fine products. Gel-Loe is great! Last September went to the lake, fell asleep, awoke to a red sunburn, came home, applied GL liberally and there was relief from pain, no peeling and was left with the first tan of my long life! What a delightful surprise. Didn’t think I could tan. Thanks.”

Mrs. B.F., Texas: “My daughter burned the palm of her hand. She was pushing a little go cart and she grabbed a hold of the exhaust to push it without knowing that it was piping hot and it seared the palm of her hand real badly. We immediately soaked it in Willard Water and then we put gel on it and wrapped it in gauze. And it was just a few days and you can’t even tell which hand, I mean there is no scar whatsoever.

My son has extremely, just about the fairest skin you can have. And one day at tennis camp he forgot to put on some sunscreen because he thought they were going to be under covered courts. And he had on a sleeveless T-shirt and got burns that were so bad that he had blisters that were three inches long on his shoulders and upper arms. And he didn’t get home from camp for about another 24-36 hours after that happened. He was so miserable. We dipped sheets in Willard Water and wrapped them around him and within just a couple of days they healed and no scars and he’s got nice new skin.

We have used the get on diaper rash, we’ve used it on ant bits We just really think it’s wonderful. I would highly recommend it, especially for burns or any kind of skin aggravation. Any time we accidentally burn ourselves we immediately stick our hand or finger or whatever we burned in the Willard Water and depending on how bad it is we might put the gel on it and inevitably if we got to it quickly enough we don’t ever know we have a burn. I mean there’s no blister comes up or anything. It’s really good. I’ve never seen anything that even comes close to comparing.”

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