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Cancer Free

November 2004 I wrote a letter titled "Healed, Strengthened and Ready for Battle"!  Many have asked me if the cancer has ever returned and what do I do these days to hold it off, considering that it is often stated that once you have cancer and get rid of it, it almost always returns and kills you.  You can read that report I wrote by clicking HERE

Five of the leading doctors told Connie and I that if they didn't remove my bladder I would be dead within a year.   And if it was removed it would result in a serious life change and considering what God has called us to do we couldn't accept that.  We knew that God does nothing apart from Faith and it was certainly time to exercise the Faith that only comes from God. 

We went home and prayed, and God spoke very clearly to my spirit, in short this is what He said to me, you are not going to die but you have to clean up the temple, you have mistreated in the way you eat, drink and even breath, I will show you how.  Now you come to me asking for yet another miracle. 

Connie and I didn't know just what we were to do to clean up this body so we started studying and asking God to lead us in our study and to protect us from all those who just wanted to profit from others sickness.  By the Link above you can find the results of our study and we thank God that it has not only given me good health but continued good health.

For the past few years I have taken 8-drops of CELLFOOD at least once per day some times twice a day and the CELLFOOD not only has the cancer never returned but I believe it has kept me in great health.  In the past 8 years I've not even had a cold.  You have to be careful there are several imitations out there the contact that I use has always been rdwillims@mchsi.com  her name is Diane Williams she has always been on time and dependable and the best prices.  I also used along with the drops the CELLFOOD Multi-Vitamin it is a spray and goes to work right away, it is great.  If I sound like I am trying to sell you on this product you are right but not because of any financial gain just because it is so great.  If you order from her please tell her I said hello.  You can check her web Site at www.balancedforhealth.com and www.cellfoodusa.com

Shalom, jerry golden


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