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What Is Catalyst Altered Water?

What Makes It So Special?

What is Willard Water, technically speaking that is?

Catalyst Altered Willard Water is a catalyst that was discovered and patented by John W. Willard, Ph.D. in chemistry, Purdue University and Professor Emeritus of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota. It is a manufactured product, not something found in nature in this form. So it is technically not natural. However, the materials that are combined in the process of making it what it is, are a few parts per million in the solution that is actually used and they are harmless, of course. We consider the actual components, particularly of the "clear " version of the Willard Water, to be quite irrelevant, since it is the Micelle (tiny electrically-charged particles) that actually causes the unusual Characteristics" to occur in the water it is added to. The ingredients in the catalyst concentrate are really there just to create the Micelle, not for any particular benefit or effect the ingredients would have by themselves. (In the "dark" version, the increased amount of trace minerals and other nutrients which are "natural" certainly are to be considered relevant).

What do you mean by "it’s a catalyst?

A catalyst is a substance that alters the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being changed in the end.

Dr. Willard explained that his catalyst can act both as a positive catalyst, which increases the rate of a chemical reaction, or as a negative catalyst, which causes a decrease in the rate of a chemical reaction.

Doc also emphasized the point that it’s actually the CAW Micelle which is contained in the concentrate, that makes the Water what it is. He explained that a Micelle has many beneficial properties in living things, in which it has multiple roles. But for the sake of simplicity, as far as the Water is concerned, he said "just think of it in its role as a very small, electrically-charged colloidal particle."Doc once said that "you should picture a Micelle as a bunch of teeny tiny little batteries as small or actually smaller than you can imagine." Doc pointed out that the Micelle is a unique and powerful source of electrons and magnetism.

At any rate, as the result of the catalyst Micelle, the Willard Water concentrate, when added to water changes the molicular structure of that water to which it is added (distilled, reverse osmosis or other known to be pure water, please if for human use). It is that altered water that is really the Water that is used and what we are referring to when we talk about the Willard Water.

The molecular structure is changed from the very stable tetrahedron structure into chains of water molecules attracted to the colloidal micelle by strong electrostatic bonds. Further, it is said that the micelle appears to have the properties of a universal hormone. The hormones are natural materials needed in many chemical reactions where it seems to have a special effect.

So what’s the significance of changing the molecular structure of water? Why is that important to anyone other than a scientist?

It really doesn’t sound like a big deal when you first hear it, but would you agree there is a big difference between diamonds and graphite.

Besides the difference in their dollar value, keep in mind some of the other differences in their characteristics. The difference in hardness, for example. Diamonds being one of the hardest substances and graphite being one of the softest. But, they are both carbon. They are the same substance, the differences in their characteristics result form the different arrangement of their molecular structure.

And so it is with "the water." Water with its molecular structure changed, as Willard Water, is a different from ordinary water as diamonds are from graphite!!!!

That is why the change in the water’s molecular structure is so significant. It results in a water, a catalyst, with some very unusual characteristics. It is those characteristics that are reflected in the reports of countless "fans" when they relate their experiences with Willard Water.

So, what are these "unusual properties?

Willard Waters unusual properties include: reducing stress, or as Dr. Willard explained, "It takes an organism under stress and help it to return to its normal state." A plant suffering from the lack of water is under stress. Drought-stricken plants when treated with the water have done much better than untreated plants under the same conditions. Returning an organism to normal has to do with the water’s apparent property of stimulating an organism’s natural defense mechanism(s).

Another property of the water is its ability to boost an organism’s assimilation of nutrients. Willard Water breaks down some nutrients into much finer particles than the regular water in the body can, and therefore greater numbers of these more finely broken down nutrients can penetrate the cell walls. Thus the water promotes better nutrition through helping the body absorb a greater percentage of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals taken into it. The water also breaks down waste materials, and toxins, in the body, and thereby aids in eliminating more efficiently substances which should be removed from the body. This is a particular interest because many people believe the two basic reasons for "poor" health are:

1. Something is present in the body that should NOT be there.

2. Something is missing in the body that SHOULD be there.

Another unusual aspect of this water is that it works as an antioxidant, and beyond that it has been found to be a scavenger of free radicals (not all antioxidants are such scavengers). Free radicals act like toxins in the system. Free radicals are created by such things as radiation, or the high temperature of burning cigarettes. The anti-oxidant property of the water has been shown by treating hay with the water in the fall, leaving the hay for the winter, and than testing the carotene (precursor of Vitamin A) level in the hay in the spring. The treated hay retained an amazingly high level of carotene over those months due to the fact that oxidation was apparently greatly slowed down by the water.

The water also works to reduce swelling. It seems to permit the pumping of the fluid away from the damaged area, which then reduces the swelling. (Swelling occurs when the physical damage is done to the system, resulting in the flow of liquid into the damaged area and restricting the normal flow away from the area.)

Although this doesn’t seem to be a technical property of the water (but more specifically a general use) it seems to work as a skin conditioner. User reports indicate that it seems to positively affects skin problems of nearly any kind.

Dr. Willared summarized the apparent benefits of the water as follows:

1. It produces a more activated form of water.

2. It collects electrons from water and the atmosphere and releases the electrons as needed

3. It increases the Bio-magnetism of the living thing up to 50 percent.

4. It is a powerful anti-oxidant.

5. It makes a refreshing drink.

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