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Once again, our modern life-styles are having a negative impact on  important enzymes. Cellfood offers 34 enzymes.

Digestive Enzymes are complex proteins necessary for the digestion of food. They release valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids which keep us alive and healthy. Enzymes are catalysts. They have the power to cause an internal action without changing or destroying themselves in the process. Each enzyme acts upon a specific food; one cannot substitute for the other. A shortage or deficiency, or even the absence of one single enzyme, can make all the difference between health and sickness.

Metabolic Enzymes are responsible for the structuring, repair and remodeling of every cell. They operate in every cell, every organ and every tissue, and need constant replenishment. Metabolic Enzymes speed up chemical reactions within cells for detoxification and energy production. They enable us to see, hear, feel and move. Metabolic enzymes are produced by the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder.

Food enzymes are introduced to the body through raw foods and enzyme supplements. Raw foods naturally contain enzymes providing an erogenous source of digestive enzymes when digested. However, raw food manifests only that enzyme to digest that particular food, not enough to be stored for later use. All body functions can be enhanced and improved by supplemental enzymes. 

Enzymes are extremely sensitive to heat and are destroyed by temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Because we often cook our foods, we need to eat more raw vegetables and fruits and supplement our intake of enzymes. 

Health challenges that can benefit through enzyme supplementation include indigestion, GERD, gastric disorders, flatulence, malabsorption, constipation, gout, weight problems, parasites, hyper-cholesterolemia,  hiatal hernias, duodenal ulcers, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hepatitis, diverticulosis, Crohn's disease, colitis, back pain, canker sores, herpes, diabetes, PMS, Epstein Barr Virus, osteoporosis, aching joints, fungal infestations, candidiasis, acute inflammation, infections, hypo-glycemia, eating disorders, nutritional disorders, immune system, problems with hormonal imbalance.

As an example, Lipase Deficiency: Lipase digests fat, fat-soluble vitamins and balances fatty acids. Lipase deficient people have a tendency towards high cholesterol, high triglycerides, difficult weight loss and diabetes.  These people may also experience vertigo or dizziness aggravated by movement.

Sucrase Deficiency: Sucrase intolerance is when a person cannot split the sucrose disaccharide into two units of glucose. Since glucose is a primary brain food, a lack of this can cause mental and emotional problems. Panic attacks, depression, moodiness, and severe mood swings.

Maltase Deficiency: Maltose intolerance can cause sensitivity to environmental conditions. 

Metabolic and Digestive Enzymes

Hydrolases, Cargohydrases Iron Enzymes     Hydrases
1.  Maltase                                                     1. Catalase                                                      1.  Fumarase
2.  Sucrase 2.  Cytochrome oxidase 2.  Enolase
3.  Emulsin 3.  Peroxidase Mutases
Nucleases Copper Enzymes 1.  Aldehyde Mutase
1.  Polynucleotidase 1. Tyrosinase 2.  Glyoxalase 
2.  Nucleotidase 2. Ascorgic acid oxidase Desmolases
Amidase Enzyme containing Coenzymes 1 and / or 2     1.  Zymohexase (aldolase)
1.  Urease 1.  Lactic Dehydrogenase 2.  Carboxylase
Peptidases 2.  Robison Ester Dehydrogenase Other Enzymes
1.  Aminopolypeptidase Enzymes which reduce cytochrome 1.  Phosphorylase
2.  Dipeptidase 1.  Succinic Dehydrogenase 2. Phosphohexisomerase
3.  Prolinase Yellow Enzymes 3. Hexokinase
Esterases 1.  Warburg's Old Yellow Enzymes 4. Phosphoglumutase
1.  Lipase 2.  Diaphorase  
2.  Phosphotase 3.  Haas Enzyme  
3.  Sulfatase 4.  Cytrochrome C reductase

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