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New Cellfood Nutritional Breakthrough
Dr Laz Bannock

Oxygen Supplementation - A Key to Vibrant Health
Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAC, CNC, CITP

Condensed article by Dr. Sevt Baulatov

Oh My Aching Body
Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAC, CNC, CITP

The Daily Balancing Act Registered Nurse Micchel Maree-Ginsberg / working with school children

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CellfoodŽ Natural Oxygen Skin Care Line

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Nutritional Supplements are saviFibromyalgia study


University-Seina / Fibromyalgia
In conclusion this new therapeutic approach could effectively provide an important contribution in treatment of patients afflicted with Fibromyalgia syndrome; both from chronic pain and from chronic fatigue symptoms associated with FMS, therefore reducing the need to explore more complex pharmacological solutions.

Efficacy of Cellfood in Patients Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia' University of Siena, Italy
Summary of statistical improvement:
Improvement with Cellfood:

VAS Actual Pain: 31% (90 days)
Semi-Quantitative Pain Value: 40% (90 days)
Difficulty with Daily Activities: 27% (30 days)
Daily Fatigue: 42% (30 days)
Anxiety: 24% (30 days)
Early Morning Fatigue: 23% (30 days)
Tender Points: 27% (30 days)

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic pain illness characterized by widespread musculoskeletal aches, pain, and stiffness, soft tissue tenderness, general fatigue, and sleep disturbances. The most common sites of pain include the neck, back, shoulders, pelvic girdle, and hands, but any body part can be affected. Fibromyalgia patients experience a range of symptoms of varying intensities that wax and wane over time.

Oh My Aching Body Holistic Life Coach, Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAC, CNC, CITP, writes about using Cellfood in healing from Fibromyalgia. 

"Using a natural, holistic, and comprehensive approach that targets the main areas affected by the syndrome, many people experience symptom reversal or a complete recovery"  


My family is shocked and amazed and I will tell the world how great this product is! I will never be without Cellfood.

I didn't know Cellfood could do all that it does. I have it for oxygen. I thought it would be a good supplement with the minerals and enzymes, and oxygen. I took it one time, yesterday. 10 drops. Never expected anything to happen. I noticed later that I was much more loving toward my animals. Than I noticed I didn't have near the pain I had before. I have Fibro. I noticed that I was much more relaxed and I slept better. When I got up this morning, I started stuff looking stuff up about this product. I am amazed that the things that happed were on the list. I can not believe this bottle can do so much. Thanks you. I will get back to you after a month.

 Debra C, TX

I was born in 1954 with an inherited form of  Fibromyalgia. As a child I complained to my mother saying, "Mommy, I hurt." It is just growing pain's, she said. By the time I was a teenager I wondered why I did not look like the jolly green giant, because I still hurt. I had so many aches and pains, I began to whine about it to whoever would listen. I learned pretty fast that no one want's to hear it, so I kept it all to myself. I was getting quite used to it and figured that this is just the way it feels to be inside a human body. I thought everyone felt this way so I did not complain about it.

 Then at age 19, I was diagnosed with a birth defect involving the function of my cervical spine. My Dr. Showed me the ex ray and explained to me that the messages my brain sends to my muscles to relax can barely be reached do to this birth defect.  25 years later, and the pain getting worse, I went to another Dr. And was told that I had the kind of Fibromyalgia that a person is born with. I also learned that many people who have this usually get it later in life because of trauma, stress or  other reasons end up getting counseling and group support. I did not need that since I was accustomed to the way I feel. I never knew what it felt like to be awake and never hurt.

In 2003 I went online to look for DNA/RNA. I had studied alternative health care for years and used in in pill form in the past and wanted to get back on it. Then I found Diane's web site offering it in a spray. I asked my husband to come and look at this web site and read about DNA/RNA. He is interested in all wellness sites so he sat down and read. He read and read and read. I asked, "what is taking you so long honey? He said, I'm reading about Cell food.

To make a long story short, we have been using both DNA/RNA and Cellfood since then. My mental awareness increased and my pain eased up quite a bit.  I tested the product just recently to see if it was really helping my pain, because I had been using it so long, I forgot how much I hurt before. I was still in some pain. I went a whole month without it and I was hurting so bad, I could hardly stand it. I remembered that feeling of hurting so much in the kitchen making dinner that I would lean against the sink and cry. I'm not going back to that kind of agony! I called Diane feeling quite desperate to have my Cellfood.  I do not use pain meds. I never have but would have started by now if I did not have Cellfood. With this wonderful supplement, I get by fine without them. I thank God for this healthy alternative.

Chimacum, WA 

I consider myself a stress survivor. After almost 20 years in the corporate world, I took a leave package from a major corporation. Before I got out the door, my blood pressure dropped 40 points, which prompted my doctor to let me quit those meds. Within weeks, my blood sugar regulated, so I was taken off the glucophage. In three months, I met with my rheumatologist who was treating me for Fibromyalgia who dismissed me from his care. I spent part of that time retooling myself, going to massage school. And I was doing great. I found a job at a resort, moved to the lake, was doing a job I loved, life was good. But at times, I still hurt. After a busy work week, sometimes I couldn't get out of bed. I was getting massages often, and those helped, but the aching and stiffness was getting worse. And I refused to go back on narcotics. A friend was researching skin care products, and found a link to Cell Food. I read the information, and ordered it that day. Less than a week later, I realized as I got up one morning - I DON'T HURT. I am a single mom, raising a very active 10 yr old boy, and working a fairly physical job that I love. I feel that Cell Food has given me my life back. I can go for walks with my son without the inevitable muscle fatigue. I can do hours of massage without going into flare. Even little things, like I've realized I'm not reaching for my reading glasses at all anymore. This is miraculous to me. My mother suffered greatly from fibromyalgia; the physical pain, the fatigue, even having to quit her job. I was terrified I was following the same path. With Cell Food, I no longer have that fear. I just wish I'd found it before mom passed. I've now got half my staff, and most of my family on Cell Food. Though the science behind it is impressive, these people are taking it now because I'm walking proof it works. THANK YOU!

Hi B.,Graford, Tx



















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