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Cellfood Questions


Some Questions Occasionally Asked About Cellfood®

1. Does Cellfood® contain oxygen?

The answer is that Cellfood® is able to generate oxygen from "splitting" the water molecule. The concentrate Is added to water and at that time begins to generate oxygen. Cellfood® itself does not really contain large amounts of oxygen.

2. What stops the generation of oxygen and hydrogen?

Simply stated, when the body needs oxygen, it utilizes the oxygen needed. Since Cellfood® utilizes only one five-hundred thousands of the available moisture at one time, there is usually plenty more there available to release if needed.  When the proper saturation point is reached, the oxygen generation stops. (Note: you will not explode with excess amount of oxygen or hydrogen as it is not released until needed).

3.Why would Cellfood® be preferable to just plain colloidal minerals? There are many of them available in the marketplace today.

Only Cellfood® is capable of holding, 78 elements in a full aqueous solution and delivering them through ingestion to every single cell.

4. How is Cellfood® absorbed by the body?

Because the nutrients in CELLFOOD® are in colloidal form, they are rapidly absorbed by the body. Colloids are minute particles, 4-7 nanometers in diameter, suspended in liquid. Their small size, together with the Brownian movement, cause the particles to take on a negative charge and remain suspended in the liquid. The body perceives these ionic (negatively charged) colloids in solution as normal healthy body fluids, and allows them to immediately pass through tissue on contact. Absorption is primarily through the sensitive tissues of the mouth, throat and esophagus, where the nutrients are transferred directly into the blood stream. Since most of the bodily fluids (like blood and lymph) are colloidal in nature and negatively charged, the similarity between CELLFOOD® and bodily fluids increases the bio-availability of the nutrients contained in CELLFOOD® to every cell in the body. This increased availability activity allows the body to function more normally

5. How long does it take before a person feels a difference after taking Cellfood® on a daily basis?

It depends totally upon the state of your body and your metabolism when you take CELLFOOD®. If you are a healthy person, with no apparent problems, a difference may only become noticeable after a few days or weeks. However, you may notice an increase in energy within a couple of days. For those who are less healthy due to a lack of of oxygen,minerals, enzymes, etc., the benefit of taking CELLFOOD®, may be experienced from the first day of taking it. Generally, with the regular use of CELLFOOD® , the body starts it's own repairing process, which is noticeable from the first day to, possibly, only a few weeks later, depending on the individual and his/her particular bodily requirements.

6. Why should I use Cellfood®, particularly when you consider that I am so healthy and physically fit?

CELLFOOD®, being a super energized nutritional supplement, takes care of our systems and provides the body with the necessary energy and vitality that we are not getting from the environment in which we live.

Even if you are healthy and fit, you still have left-over by -products resulting from incomplete combustion in your blood stream. CELLFOOD® facilitates the process of eliminating these by-products.

For those who are less healthy, it is time for general acceptance of the concept that, even in some terminal cases, our bodies can, given the essential building blocks, repair and reconstitute every living cell within a span of 11 months. CELLFOOD® facilitates this process as individual body cells are nourished and cleansed of left-over by-products resulting from incomplete combustion. This cleansing process is considered essential as without it, the body remains toxic as a result of the build-up of waste products resulting in dirty cells and body fluids.

7. Can Cellfood® be used by professional sportsman and women and does it contain banned substances?

CELLFOOD® contains no substances that are on the international, professional and amateur athletic associations "Banned list of substances". CELLFOOD® enhances nutritional biochemical activities and brings to your body what modern living and technology is stripping away.

CELLFOOD® assists sportsman and women to perform better and also to reduce the recovery period after strenuous exercise. Sportsman and women are fully aware of the effect of the build-up of lactic acid and the resultant pain that this causes, especially in strained muscles. Lactic acid accumulation leads to muscle stiffness if the blood does not clear it away. CELLFOOD® improves the circulation of the blood which carries the lactic acid away and brings oxygen to support aerobic metabolism. Much of the lactic acid is routed to the liver, where it is converted to glucose. A little lactic acid however remains in the muscle tissue, where it is oxidized with the help of the newly created nascent oxygen supplied by CELLFOOD®.

8. Product storage?

Shelf life of Cellfood® is almost indefinite. Sample batches from 25 years ago have been tested and actually are improved (similar to fine wines).

Extreme temperatures -

Extreme cold ... Although freezing will cause the minerals to "drop" out of solution, simply re-shaken,- the bottle will normally bring the minerals back into solution. (Note: reasonable care should be taken to guard against freezing as the container may burst with freezing and loss of product will occur.)

Extreme heat ... It is suggested to keep Cellfood® from direct sunlight and extreme heat.

9. Mixing with purified water or mineral water, refrigerate or not refrigerate, open or close container?

In open container left out, the solution will have a tendency to draw moisture from the atmosphere and actually weaken the solution, therefore we suggest that it not be left out in an open container for more than a few hours. For back packing,, etc., there will not be a problem because after drinking, the container is re-sealed. Note: this is also a good method of purifying water that you are somewhat uncertain about (such as from a river of- stream). Simply add 3 drops of Cellfood® to I pt. of water. It will even take the "smell" out of the water and improve the taste.

In earthquake areas (such as CA). Cellfood® should be kept available to make sure that stored water that is kept around for several months can be purified. (Note: It is suggested that the Cellfood® not be added until ready to use).

10. Topical use - Mix Cellfood® with at least 20 parts of water and use this solution for soaking or dabbing- onto the cut, burn or affected area. (Note: company owners use small amount of Cellfood® in spa and have experienced tremendous results with softening, skin and other side benefits as well as keeping, spa water clean and clear).



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