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Cellfood E-book


New Cellfood Nutritional Breakthrough
Dr Laz Bannock

Oxygen Supplementation - A Key to Vibrant Health
Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAC, CNC, CITP

Condensed article by Dr. Sevt Baulatov

Oh My Aching Body
Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAC, CNC, CITP

The Daily Balancing Act Registered Nurse Micchel Maree-Ginsberg / working with school children

Cellfood Cellfood® Health Care Line

Cellfood® Natural Oxygen Skin Care Line

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Cellfood Testing


Cellfood Testing

New Study Results  Cellfood DNA/RNA Overlooked Dietary Requirement May Be Your Key To A Longer And Healthier Life: A Landmark Study."

Cellfood one ounce concentrate:
Microbiological Report Log Reduction / water purification pdf
Shows ability to kill organisms in drinking water.
USP Challenge Test of Cellfood
Showing ability of a substance to retard the growth of pathogens.
Electrical Conductivity Test/Electrolytes
Shows a substance's ability to conduct electrical impulses. With comparisons
Analytical Report: Dissolved Oxygen
Tests for the amount of dissolved oxygen n water and can show an increase in oxygen over time.
Cellfood Surface Tension Study  
Shows the effect of Cellfood on the surface tension of water, indicating a shift toward the same surface tension as extracellular body fluids.
University of Pretoria Sports Institute Study
A series of double blind placebo clinical tests on professional and amateur athletes, measuring several indicators of blood health.
Cellfood A Beneficial Colloid / Zeta Potential Analysis
A study to determine the colloidal nature or behavior of Cellfood; an analysis of the extent to which Cellfood functions in a manner similar to, and compatible with, body fluids.
Dark Field Microscopy  
Clinical Observations on the nutritional efficacy of Cellfood utilizing Live Blood Analysis and Dry Blood Analysis microscopic evaluation procedures.
Free Radical Clinical Study  
To provide measurement for the reduction of excess free radical activity (oxidative stress) in the blood stream using Cellfood – a nutritional supplement.
Biological Antioxidant Potential Study pdf
A study to test the hypothesis that Cellfood is able to reduce oxidative stress in vivo due to its intrinsic antioxidant properties in vitro.

University-Seina / Fibromyalgia pdf 
A study entitled "Efficacy of Cellfood in Patients Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia done at the University of Siena, Italy.
Cellfood and Patients with Asthma pdf
A pre-study trial measuring the effects of Cellfood on patients with asthma.

Antioxidant Protection Study pdf
In the present study we have clearly evidenced that Cellfood is a nutritional supplement that furnishes effective antioxidant protection against pathophysiologically relevant oxidant agents. The in vitro protection of cells and biomolecules against free radical attacks suggests that Cell food might be a valuable coadjuvant in the prevention and treatment of various physiological and pathological conditions related to oxidative stress, from aging to sport anemia, from fibromyalgia to neurodegeneration and cancer.
Acugraph Study 1 of 2 pdf
Study of Cellfood on the Human Energy System.
Acugraph Study 2 of 2 pdf
Case study demonstrating the effects of Cellfood on Energies of test subject.
Antimicrobial Preservation Effectiveness Test pdf
Demonstrates the effectiveness of a substance— when used as a preservative or additive-- to stop the growth of pathogens.
Zeta Potential 5 minute training course pdf
Zeta Potential - 1 pdf
Zeta Potential - 2 pdf
Ensure optimal oxygen delivery to working muscles through normalizing hematology values. Decreases in blood lactate accumulation (10-15%). Lower lactate concentrations contribute to improved lactate thresholds. Lower heart rates indicating more economical running (up to 8%). Increases in V02 max (up to 5%). Effective in increasing iron stores within the body, critical for endurance events.





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