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" Poor absorption among Americans - especially those under stress, those eating poorly, and senior citizens - has become an enormous problem. When the human body cannot absorb nutrients properly, and when the food themselves are of questionable nutritional value, the body is severely compromised as a self-healing organism." -Todd Ovokaitys, M. D."

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Willard Water balances elimination. I know customers that have had problems both ways and now are regular. Also one customer is a MS patient, she just would not eliminate for days. The Willard Water helped her a lot.




D.W., Iowa: I have been extracting herbs for my family use, and I thought they were great at stopping colds from starting. Than while camping one weekend, my son, daughter and I came down with a bad cold. One of those that hit without warning. Normally to stop a cold, I would have to catch it before it really sets in. I used the extracted herbs in Willard Water, gave two doses to each of us on the Saturday, and by Sunday morning none of us had a cold. I was shocked! I liked by herbs, but the Willard Water really enhanced them. It is also said to balance the pH, so that would also help the body heal itself.

My sister is prone to getting the flu. One the night before Thanksgiving she called and said that she was down sick with the flu. Her husband had had it for days. I told her to start drinking the Willard Water and lots of it. By morning she was just fine. We all enjoyed out Thanksgiving!

I do day care in by home, and one night one of the girls I watch had come down with the flu. I had given her mother some Willard Water two weeks before. She called later that same night her daughter had come down with the flu to say the Willard Water had stopped her vomiting. She was so excited. She only had to give her daughter the Willard Water twice. This same thing has happened twice.

We just went on vacation to Myrtle Beach and my own daughter awoke with an upset stomach and vomiting. Not a good time to get sick, she had been looking forward to being on the beach for one year. She started drinking the Willard Water, which was the only thing that would stay down and within 3 hours was out in the ocean and having a great time. This sort of thing is why I want to share the great news of Willard Water with many people.

My family did not suffer with a cold all last winter and we live in Iowa.




Miss C.W., Minnesota: “The gel removed a cyst, dissolved a cyst that a friend had on her wrist on the inside of her wrist. She had it surgically removed and it came back about the size of a wild plum. She thought I was full of beans when I told her to put get on it so she did it when I wasn’t looking for about six weeks and then one morning she held out her arm and said “look there’s no cyst.” And It was real soft and the skin was like there had never been a cyst except the scar was there from when they had taken it out the first time.”




Doc Willard: “The property of Willard’s Water that is important in skin care is that it has the unique property of penetrating through contaminated surfaces down to the substrate, in this case, normal, healthy skin, and physically dispersing the contamination or undesirable material, which is then easily flushed with water from the substrate.”

Example: Dandruff is fine loose out skin thrown off in minute scales. Willard’s Water will remove dandruff. It will also penetrate down the hair follicle removing any contaminated material allowing the natural hair process to produce a normal head of hair.”

Note: If using hair color, test hair. Willard Water is known to remove hair die.




60 MINUTES: Dr. Ray Lemley: I have emphysema and I wanted to see if it would help that. I mixed up a jug of it, about three times as strong as it’s supposed to be. so if it’s gonna hurt anybody, it would me.

Reasoner: The surprising thing is that Dr. Lemley, at 78, with emphysema, is nonetheless able to pursue his hobby of paleontology at which he’s a recognized expert, digging for fossils.

Lemley: I don’t walk too far for anything on account of my emphysema but I get around.

Reasoner: And you would credit the water with part of that ability?

Lemley: Well I’ve seen a lot of emphysema in my long yours of practice and most of them get worse all the time. And mine, it’s a little worse than it was ten years ago, but it isn’t anything like anybody I’ve seen before.




Willard Water has the ability to boost an organism’s assimilation of nutrients. Willard Water breaks down some nutrients into much finer particles than the regular water in the body can, and therefore greater numbers of these more finely broken down nutrients can penetrate the cell walls. Thus the water promotes better nutrition through helping the body absorb a greater percentage of the nutrients, vitamins and mineral taken into it.


See: Colds and Flu

See: Trace Minerals




Mr. C., Florida: “Benefits are great and many and now a few more for the record. Energy imparted by Willard Water regular use is very good, the best natural high and wide awake feeling one could have--FACT-- along with resistance to colds.”

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