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" Poor absorption among Americans - especially those under stress, those eating poorly, and senior citizens - has become an enormous problem. When the human body cannot absorb nutrients properly, and when the food themselves are of questionable nutritional value, the body is severely compromised as a self-healing organism." -Todd Ovokaitys, M. D."

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60 MINUTES: Johnson’s Daughter: When I have pink eye I just squirt some LA Water in it and then after a while it isn’t to pink anymore.

Doc Willard: A practicing optometrist, who had problems with his own contact lens had made the following statement: “My eyes would become irritated, I would constantly clean them and take them and take them out and fiddle with them. My associates were unable to help me. A patient had told me about using Willard’s Water as an eye rinse. I started to use it as an eye rinse, and it wasn’t like next week there was a noticeable difference, it was the next day. As a cleaner of contact lenses or as an eye rinse, it is probably the finest thing in the world.” Another internationally known ophthalmologist states, “I use it with patients with a condition called dry eye syndrome. I have recommended it for years. My associates also use Willard Water for patients with conditions caused by hay fever and dust allergies.”

Mrs. J.H., California: “I use the water in my eyes. It’s the greatest stuff. I use it for everything. It is the only water I drink. I’ll be 82 in April and everyone thinks I’m around 50 or 55.”

Anonymous user: The water is used for itching eyes sprayed with mist bottle.

Mr. G. Nebraska: “I have been using the mist bottles (filled with normal dilution of Willard Water) for my dry eye syndrome. Doctor said I would need to use “Tears” for the rest of my life. Instead, a weekly spray has eliminated the problem for over five years. Others are doing the same with same results. Super product! I also drink it, use it for sunburn, etc., etc., etc. Thanks!”

Mr. M., Michigan: “I spray my eyes morning and night to “get the red out”. On long trips, I periodically spray my face and eyes to keep alert.”




Doc Willard: For your information there is no chemical difference between the wool of sheep and human hair, except the scales are larger and the points of the scale sharper.

Human hair and wool are coated with an oily substance. When untreated, hair and wool are washed in chloroform to remove the oil, and viewed under a microscope, we see that each wool “hair” has a coating of the same plastic material that is varicolored. Untreated human hair does not usually show this film. If hair is shampooed with most commercial shampoos, the hair does not show a coating similar to that of the wool. But, if the same commercial shampoo is cut with Willard Water in ratio of 1 part shampoo to 9 parts Willard Water (or 2 with 8, or 3 with 7) and used as you would be regular shampoo, the cleaned hair will show the same varicolored film as the natural wool. This varicolored film has been noticed when Willard Water is used to clean surfaces coated the organic materials such as milk oil, etc. This film decomposes, at temperatures between 200-300 C., leaving a residue of graphitic carbon.

Hair that has been washed with Willard Water has an increase in the diameter of the hair and reflects light giving an added sheen to the hair.

Warning: Some hair dyes are removed by washing with Willard Water. Anyone using a dye should test a small portion of the hair with Willard Water before using it on the entire head. Men with thick, heavy head of hair should also use Willard Water carefully as the increase in size of each hair might not be desirable.

Between shampoos, it is not necessary to use hair oil or other preparations to control the hair. We have found that spraying the hair with Willard Water in the morning, message the scalp and comb or brush to the desired configuration is sufficient to control the hair all day.

Miss T.V., California: “Willard Water is great after you shower if you put in on your hair. It makes it thick and silky.”

See: Dandruff




Mrs. A.H., Nebraska: (Gel-Loe) “My husband really likes it to take out infection. He is a farmer and really puts it to the test.”

Mr. P.C., Florida: “I’ve found that 4-5 drops of Willard Water into pure clear vitamin E oil, 25,000 units, 2oz., when mixed turns it pure white and its effect on skin problems is fantastic for healing. Possibly a cure for psoriasis flare-ups.”


Miss T.V., California: “Willard Water saved my mourning dove from having her leg amputated. I soaked her little foot in a pan of the water, it was completely healed in a week.

The bottom line is, Willard Water works for me. I’m a slow healer, and I’ve seen this stuff to miracles for me.”




Miss C.W., Minnesota: “I’m a quadriplegic and I’m really prone to kidney infections and bronchitis and it helps my resistance incredibly. I don’t get sick if I remember to drink it. If I forget it for two or three days, I get sick. When I begin drinking Willard Water I noticed the difference almost immediately. I mean it was a matter of days.”


See: Alternative Medicine Digest, May 1996 (Issue 12) “Reversing Cancer Through Building Immune Health,” Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D., explains why our Real Willard Water is a part of the regimen he prescribes for his patients.




Miss C.W., Minnesota: “This sounds incredible, I rubbed it (Note: the gel of Willard Water) on my forehead because I read about it and didn’t believe it and it got rid of my headache.”

Mrs. J.H., California: “My daughter has migraine headaches, really horrendous ones, and after drinking the water she found she would have them every month, and then every two months and after three months now she doesn’t have them at all.”

D.W., Iowa: “I gave my nephew some of the gel to try. He would get very bad headaches. He would rub the gel on the back of his neck, where he felt the tension, and his headache would go away.”

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