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" Poor absorption among Americans - especially those under stress, those eating poorly, and senior citizens - has become an enormous problem. When the human body cannot absorb nutrients properly, and when the food themselves are of questionable nutritional value, the body is severely compromised as a self-healing organism." -Todd Ovokaitys, M. D."

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What Willard Water Will Do For Gardens, Shrubs, etc.

We have been using the Willard Water on our small garden for the past 2 years. I can tell you we have seen a noticeable difference in our crop and the soil condition. We mostly just plant tomatoes, peppers and carrots. We had our largest tomato crop this year. The plant were so heavy they tipped the cages over. We than tied them to stakes but that did not help either. When I took the garden out I could not believe my eyes. The roots on the tomato plants were running 3-4 foot long. And some stems, I call them runners were 6-7 foot long. The plants were just huge and produced a great crop. We also pulled the largest carrot this year we have ever had. I wanted to use this product for the garden this year again before I did this page. I like to know for myself that it will do what I say it can. I can say we were very pleased with what we seen.

The soil we planted these plants in was never turned or tilled this year. Did not need it! I just planted them this spring without any soil prep. For the last two years we have been conditioning the soil by putting a liquid lignite on it (will be offered soon) and turning compost in it in the fall of the year. Than we only put the Willard Water on the plants 3 times all year.

Last year I kept some carrots in the refrigerator all winter. The winters hear run from November to May. The carrots were still crisp and tasted like I had just pulled them. I still can hardly believe it myself.

Example of our cucumbers.

These are testimonials from our provider.

A friend decided to experiment with Willard Water on a row of Jerusalem artichokes. He watered one of the plants every other day to two weeks with a weak Willard Water solution. A total of seven applications. He treated one other plant just once with the Willard Water, and the other plants in the row received only ordinary water.

The results were spectacular. He brought to our office the two "treated plants and one plant that was typical of the untreated.

The first one was so large he’d had to saw it in half to get it in the trunk of his car. It was at least eight feet tall, with a "trunk" 1 ¼" in diameter.

The once-treated plant was about five feet tall and about ¾" in diameter. The non-treated plant was about 3 ½ feet tall and ½" in diameter.

But these "artichokes" were grown primarily for the tubers they produce underground, rather that for the foliage. So he dug up all the tubers from under the plants. The very large plant yielded 7 ¼ pounds. The once-treated plant and several "never-treated plants all together yielded 4 ¼ pounds.

A 40-pound watermelon. The size was extra ordinary but what was really remarkable was that it was "grown in the wrong place." Watermelons are normally grown successfully on light, sandy soil. These people had been trying for 20 years to grow them in their "too heavy" soil, but with little success. This year they’d tried again, this time spraying the vines once with Willard Water and wound up with a number of 40 pound melons and many smaller ones.

What was also noteworthy was the "shelf-life" of those melons. We had a half of one of the larger ones in our own refrigerator but were rarely home to eat it, so we got to find out how long it would "stay good", which was at least twice as long as we would have expected.

A local pastor, and avid gardener, watered his carrots a couple of times with Willard Water and dug some on the first of August and brought tem around to show them to us. He said, "I’ve never seen carrots this large this early…in fact I’ve rarely seen them this large even at the end of the season…like the end of September or October." By our notes, they measured 36 inches form the top of the foliage to the tips of the carrots.

Another couple used Willard Water on carrots and potatoes, but treated only half of each row, so they could see the difference the Willard Water made. In an equal amount of row, they recorded 2 5/8 pounds of treated carrots, and 1 5/8 pounds of the untreated. On the potatoes, the weights were 7 ½ pounds and 5 pounds, respectively.

They also treated the seeds of various vegetables before planting and reported an apparently very high germination rate. The wife said, "I think every seed grew!"

Our office/warehouse at that time was in a building that was built on a lot that had been created by hauling in fill. Soil quality was poor, to say the least. A row of cottonwood saplings had been planted around the perimeter and they survived, but that’s about all. Didn’t grow very much. But after a couple of years we noticed one day that the tree nearest the gate was as least 12 to 15 feet tall and the one next to it was also doing somewhat better than the others. At first, we assumed that we’d simply forgotten and that the very large tree was unrelated to the little saplings. But we asked around and found out that it was indeed one of them, but that an employee, after using Willard Water in some routine clean-up chores, would routinely dump the bucket of wash water on that tree. And he’d also done it a time or two on the one closest to it. So the mystery was solved. However, we rarely told people about it because the difference between the untreated trees and the heavily-treated tree was so great it simply wasn’t believable. In all fairness, we have to say that it was certainly possible that he large one happened to be grown in much better soil. We don’t know that to be the case, but it could have been, so it was in to way a "scientific" test. However, it certainly was eye-catching, and even if everything else was right for that particular tree, the growth rate was nothing short of spectacular. Just no way it should have gotten that large, that quickly.

60 Minutes Report


Reasoner: (Nuns Singing) You wouldn’t expect an order of nun to be in a little hot bed of Willard Water boosters but at St. Martin’s Academy the Benedictine Sisters use it daily. And it’s not just because one of the members is Sister Marmion Howe, the Biology Professor we met at he School of Mines. Many of the sisters bathe in it, drink it, treat burns with it in the kitchen. And there’s the garden where we found Sister Jenna spraying and spraying the Willard Water last spring, hoping for vegetables like the crops she had gotten in ’79.

I understand you had some prodigious squash?

Sister Jenna: Yes I did.

Reasoner: What would be the size of a good, big squash?

Sister Jenna: Well my largest one was 32 pounds and a 25 pounder and from there on down to 18 and I believe 15 was the smallest.

Reasoner: We couldn’t resist going back this Fall to see whether Willard Water had worked in spite of the drought that struck the plains this summer. Sure enough monster squash, though not quite the size of the year before.

Im no judge, but that’s 20 pounds I’d say anyhow, wouldn’t you?

Sister Jenna: I would say 20 at least.

Reasoner:  It would make a lot of meals (Laughter).

Reasoner: So here is Doc Willard, with a magic juice that people say works on quail and squash and people and cattle and no scientific proof at all.

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