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 "Poor absorption among Americans - especially those under stress, those eating poorly, and senior citizens - has become an enormous problem. When the human body cannot absorb nutrients properly, and when the food themselves are of questionable nutritional value, the body is severely compromised as a self-healing organism." -Todd Ovokaitys, M. D

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Please Help          Others With         Your                     Testimonials        

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If you have an interest in a cancer cure
Posted: Saturday, February 05, 2005
- written by jerry golden



For those who are interested in how I was able to be cured from bladder cancer I offer the following.  Thank God I am cured healed and made whole.


There is a test given to all the Russian cosmonauts before they were allowed to go to the Mir space station.  It is still being used on all the cosmonauts before going to space, as well as all the doctors in Russian use this on patients. This same test DDFAO is recognized by most European countries and used by leading doctors.  The German and Russian scientist who invented this process for testing the human body for illness or wellness was awarded the Nobel Prize.  It is an amazing test to say the least, and the only reason it is not being used in the US can be said in one word FDA, or maybe I should say the Pharisaical companies that control them. For the same reason the several cancer cures known in most of the rest of the world is being suppressed in the United States. But that is another story and possibly for another day.  If youíre interested in DDFAO just run a search on the internet.


But what I want to report to you is a friend of mine who lives in Paris and is a Doctor brought it from Paris to give me the test.  The test only takes around 5 to 10 minutes.  It found every broken bone or physical problem Iíve ever had, I mean it didnít miss anything.  But what it didnít find was any cancer in my bladder.  After the culture test a few months ago, I had run on my urine and it came back with no cancer sells, I know now without any doubt we have cured the cancer, and I can only thank God for it was God who led Connie and I to the combination of nutritionís, minerals and vitamins along with other substances that brought my body back to perfect health curing the cancer. Giving me the strength needed to continue with this ministry.  


One of the first things God showed us was how important it was to have the right combination and to have faith in the cure of cancer.  I am not saying this is the cure for all cancers for there are many different types.  But I am saying that after not one but four doctors, two of them friends of mine said if I didnít have my bladder removed I would be dead before one year.  That was a year ago this past January, I am not only not dead I do not have cancer but what I do have is a healthy bladder. 


There are several ingredients I feel more important than others in this process and oxygen is on the top of that list.  Cancer simply cannot live in the presence of an abundance of oxygen but the trick is to get the oxygen to the cellular level.  And the product put out by Cellfood does just that, in fact I have no reason to ever stop taking the product it is inexpensive and good for nearly any ailment a person may have. It simply makes your body healthier.


So once again I am giving you the list that with Godís help Connie and I put together to cure my cancer.



CELLFOOD http://www.cellfoodusa.com/ start with 5 drops three times per day in 8 ounces of pure water or mineral, never use tap water if it has chlorine in it.  In fact, donít drink any water with chlorine in it.  Never use distilled water it will leach the minerals from the Cellfood.  If you should order from the website above please tell them I sent you,


Increase the drop until you get up to 20 drops three times per day.  This should begin to detoxify you, in fact it may make you sick for about a week and if you have cancer or another disease possibly much longer, but keep at that level until you feel good again. 


Then go back to 8 drops three times per day and stay there forever.


CELLFOOD Multi-Vit. Ten spray in the mouth three times per day


CELLFOOD  DNA/RNA 6 sprays under the tongue hold for 30 seconds then swallow.


Laetrile B-17        3 (500mg pills) 3X a day more if you can take it


PhytoBio Forte Super Plant Enzymes 1 pill 3X per day


Vit.ĖC  4 (1000mg pills) 3X per day


Co-Q-10   1(150 mg.pill) 3X per day


Calcium Magnesisu,zinc (combination pill)  one pill 2X per day


MSM   3 (500mg pills) 3X per day


Alpha Blue Green Algae one bottle of the blue and one bottle of the green take only when you are out of the food for life powder 3 pills of each 3X per day


MPS Gold 2 and Ĺ teaspoon together with


MPS Gold 3X 1 and ľ teaspoon   together with


Oat Beta Glucan Ĺ teaspoon in 8 oz. of juice pure juice no sugar or preservatives


Food for Life 2 Tablespoons in 8 0z juice again pure no sugar or preservatives


Plenty of Energy water ( there is a special pitcher you can buy to make the energy water with mineral not tap or distilled water)


Collodial Silver 1-2 liters per day only the highest grade also there is a machine you can purchase to make it yourself


Note: do not drink the Oxygen with collodail silver due to the different positive/ negative elements. Take them separate waiting a short while between.




NO sugar ever, nothing made of white flour,  whole wheat and whole grain bread is good.  NO coffee,


No red meat of any kind.  The only meat you can eat is fish and chicken, and even that has to be without preservatives such a lunchmeats. 


Lots of fruit, and veggies and the least you cook them the better. 


Itís important for a cancer patient to eat as much as he or she possibly can of the right foods, and some times the appetite just isnít there. 


I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice, it is my testimony of how I was cured from cancer.


I hope this helps.


Shalom, jerry golden





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