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 "Poor absorption among Americans - especially those under stress, those eating poorly, and senior citizens - has become an enormous problem. When the human body cannot absorb nutrients properly, and when the food themselves are of questionable nutritional value, the body is severely compromised as a self-healing organism." -Todd Ovokaitys, M. D

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Please Help          Others With         Your                     Testimonials        

Please Help          Others With         Your                     Testimonials        

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Mrs. J.H., California: “ I tap dance. If I have leg cramps I spray the water and rub it in and it stops the cramps.”

Mr. A.F., Maryland: “He is 44 years old and frequently plays indoor soccer. Uses Gel-Loe on his legs and reports that it works real good at energizing them.”

Mr. M., Michigan: “We have found the REAL Willard Water and gel to be unmatched by anything in remedies for everyday infliction’s. We have some actual stories proving our point. The wife of my golf partner had a sore knee to intense she couldn’t walk to the mail box. A while after treating it with the gel form of Willard Water she not only got the mail, she began bowling. It works on sore muscles and tendons in the neck, shoulder, arm, knee, hands, etc.




Doc Willard: Willard Water should be tried as a mouth wash as we have received many favorable results. Willard Water will penetrate and remove odor causing materials and is a powerful antioxidant on organic materials. It will also help in relieving sores on lips and mouth.

Willard Water will help remove plaque and stains on teeth. Just spray the toothpaste before brushing.

If you have dentures, just soak them for 15 minutes, or overnight if that is your practice, in Willard Water. The Willard Water can be used more than once as the activated water retains its properties and the contamination will settle to the bottom of the container.

D.W., Iowa: “ I and two other people I know had gingivitis. We would get our teeth cleaned every 6 months. After we started drinking the Willard Water and spraying in on our toothbrushes, we went back for another cleaning. In all three cases the dentist asked what we were doing different, that they had not seen gingivitis heal to fast. I sometimes use the Gel-Loe, it makes my teeth feel like they have been polished.”




Mrs. B., California: “My son and I were riding our bikes and the dog ran in front of my son’s bike and he went head first across the cement on his face. The tire got the dog’s leg so I yelled to my other son to grab the water and spray the dog because she was crying. And I grabbed my son I put him in the bathtub and put some Willard Water in it and kept squirting his face. And he never scarred, it took away the pain and it relaxed him.

I have day care in my home and would never be without the water. Because when the children fall and get hurt I squirt the water or the gel on them and it just calms them right down, takes the pain away and keeps the swelling from really getting worse.”

Mrs. L.W., Virginia: “I had a fur splinter in one finger started hurting. Kept it in and out of Willard Water all day...fine the next day! Also a cut under thumbnail...took the pain out in 5 - 10 minutes. Great stuff!”

D.W., Iowa: “I have used it on bee stings. Takes the pain out, no redness and the pain does not return.”

Miss C.G., Texas: “Thanks for selling such fine products. Gel-Loe is great! Last September went to lake, fell asleep, awoke to a red sunburn, came home, applied GL liberally and there was relief from pain--no peeling and was left with the first tan of my long life!”

Mr. C., Florida: “I sustained a terrible deep cut along the side of my thumb while gardening. So bad was it that a tourniquet had to be applied and still it bled somewhat for days after. At first the pain was awful--most intense and distracting to say the least--well sir I was in for the “surprise of my life” when I poured a teaspoon full the treated water on it every ten minutes for 8 hours straight! And guess what--NO PAIN WHATSOEVER, at all, and get this--NO THROBBING AT ALL and the healing scab was huge (very large) and in 5 days healed with a beautiful even spaced scar that had a very doctorly professional look about it. The fact that there was no pain and suffering associated with this was incredible!”

Mr. M., Michigan: “I cut my tendons in the back of my hand so I could see them sticking out. It was from jagged glass in a broken storm window. I was alone in my garage and bleeding a lot. I wrapped my hand in a towel to get in where I could rinse it. Then I packed the cuts in the gel and bound it in a clean cloth. At the hospital, I was told the doctor able to sew it up was busy. I sat in the waiting room for five hours without pain or bleeding. It healed so fast, the doctor was amazed.”




D.W., Iowa: “I do day care, and someone always has a cold in the winter. My family of three, survived the winter with no colds. We take all our vitamins, mineral and herbs with Willard Water. I can remember a couple of years ago, I couldn’t breath at night the entire winter. I drank ginger tea before bed and that helped. But after drinking the Willard Water every day I have not had that problem.”

Dr. Marcial-Vega say’s “ This water helps patients to eliminate toxic chemicals and heavy metal from the body.” This alone, helps keep many problems from developing.

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