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" Poor absorption among Americans - especially those under stress, those eating poorly, and senior citizens - has become an enormous problem. When the human body cannot absorb nutrients properly, and when the food themselves are of questionable nutritional value, the body is severely compromised as a self-healing organism." -Todd Ovokaitys, M. D."

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Dakota Providers: One call came from a woman who said she’d been referred to us from her cancer clinic. The oncology department at a very large mainstream hospital on the west coast. She said the doctor there told her about Willard Water because of the experience of one of his patients. A woman with breast cancer who had “misted the area” of her radiation treatments with Willard Water and did not end up with the severe burns such treatments normally caused. In fact she had NO BURNING. His nurse gave this woman two pages of information on Willard Water and said even though this particular woman might not have burned for some reason even without the Willard Water, they still were impressed enough to suggest this woman give us a call and try it. It’s much to early, of course, for any reports on how it’s going, but we thought many of you, or those you love, would be interested in this possibility.


Dave is another Willard Water user who is undergoing radiation treatments for cancer. At his last check-up Dave’s M.D. looked every confused when he commented that by now Dave probably needed some more of the gel Dave was given to us on the radiation site (to help with the burns from the treatments) and Dave said he didn’t need any more, because he’d never used any of the original batch he had given him. Dave’s doctor was confused, perplexed and astonished. He said to Dave, “but you don’t have any burns, what have you been doing?” Dave’s response: “I’ve been using Willard Water.” The doctor’s confusion continued, “What’s Willard Water?” Dave gave him a copy of our Dakota Dialogue.

Dave is convinced that since he never sprayed the water on the radiation treatment site, it’s been his drinking of Willard Water that’s prevented experiencing the expected radiation burns. One person we discussed this with said it sounded as if the water had so completely permeated the cells, from the inside out, that it had permeated the epidermis and prevented the burning. We don’t know, we can’t even speculator on whether or not here is “cause and effect” in this case, but coming right on the heals of the other report of possible benefits from spraying such a radiation site, we certainly found it interesting! Dave’s experience is one more very interesting coincidences of unusual things happening when one uses Willard Water!


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